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  • Analyzing MongoDB data in Spotfire®

    This article explains how to connect to MongoDB in Spotfire with the connector for MySQL.

    Connect to MongoDB using Spotfire's MySQL connector

    Your MongoDB Enterprise, 3.2 or later, license includes the MongoDB Connector for BI.

    This connector allows you to define a relational table on top of your MongoDB data and expose it as a MySQL-compatible data source.

    To get started with the MongoDB Connector for BI please see its web page here.

    Running the MongoDB Connector for BI as a service

    The MongoDB Connector for BI runs as an application process. To allow it to run as a service process and thus serve multiple users and allow it to, for example, restart automatically on failure, you can wrap it in a service manager like NSSM (Non-Sucking Service Manager).

    Using Spotfire's MySQL connector

    Once you have configured the MongoDB Connector for BI, see Spotfire's documentation on how to use the Oracle MySQL connector here.

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