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  • Analytics Accelerator for TIBCO BusinessConnect (IT Operations)

    The BusinessConnect product team recently went on a virtual tour of our B2B customers. We met and spoke with more than a dozen customers in various industries, including healthcare insurance, banking, air travel, ocean cargo, restaurant, grocery, ground logistics, retail, and so on. The revenues of these companies range from $ hundreds of millions per year to billions. The transaction volumes range from mere thousands per day, to millions per day. The deployment topologies range from single servers with cold backups to load-balanced server clusters in geographically distinct clouds. In other words, quite different companies.

    However, there are a few common requirement threads among these vastly different companies and implementations. One of them is that every B2B user needs reporting, and that BusinessConnect does not provide it off-the-shelf. Given that TIBCO is a platform company that makes integration middleware and analytics software, we in the B2B team most likely won't ever develop our own reporting tool as part of BusinessConnect. We would rather our customers take advantage of the really powerful analytical tools that we have for operations and business reporting purposes.

    TIBCO's flagship product for analytics is called TIBCO Spotfire. It started as an interactive tool to visualize data using beautiful graphs that can be easily customized by the users using predefined filters, all accessible from a dashboard. As a visual analytics platform, it competes with similar tools in the market such as Tableau. But it has a lot more depth in its arsenal of capabilities than just visualization. For example, it provides users with embedded predictive capabilities, which can be extended to connect to even more flexible and powerful statistical tools such as TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R and Statistica.

    In this accelerator, we provide an operations reporting template based on data in the BusinessConnect's audit database., which stores meta-data about the transactions, the content of the transactions, and any exceptions that may have occurred. As such, it provides a very powerful and informative data source for IT and business users alike. A TIBCO Spotfire reporting template is easily recognized by its file extension filename.dxp. In the attached dxp, you will be able to find a dashboard that can accelerate your analytics project of implementing a dashboard for monitoring your B2B operations. 


    As shown, in the attached Spotfire dashboard template you will be able to find:

    • Transaction Volume over time, by trading partners and transaction types
    • Transaction Errors over time, by trading partners and transaction types

    Feel free to download and connect it with your BusinessConnect audit database. You will need TIBCO Spotfire to run it. From Spotfire, use File > Reload Data to connect to your Database. If you don't have an on-premise license, you can sign up for a Spotfire Cloud trial account on https://spotfire.tibco.com/, or via Amazon AWS Marketplace: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B00PB74KYY

    Happy analyzing!



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