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  • Adding Tag Descriptions to Data Retrieved with the Spotfire® Custom Data Source for OSIsoft PI


    By default, Tag descriptions can be retrieved using the Tag List data source:

    taglistdata1.thumb.png.c667ed7cd83516134031c97e3d52fb48.png taglistdata2.png.1b66c6eae0d41352ed27c66655829cc5.png

    however, the descriptor field is not retrieved by the Tag Data data source:

    tagdata1.thumb.png.344b727bed556efd2f526f5bb8651780.png tagdata2.thumb.png.09fb41b17217ec76fe02629527dafdcb.png

    Fortunately, in Spotfire®, it is possible combine these two tables to quickly achieve the desired result. 

    Step #1 : Get the Tag Data

    For this example we will keep it simple and use two tags from the PI demo set SINUSOID and SINUSOIDU.

    From the File menu, select Open From --> OSIsoft PI Server Tag Data and populate the dialog with the required settings.  In our case we pick the two tags SINUSOID and SINUSOIDU and retrieve 24 hours of Actual Values:


    Spotfire will read the data and create a table visualization:


    Step #2 : Add the Tag Descriptions

    The next step is to add the Tag List data to the dxp file. From the File Menu, select Add Data Tables... and in the dropdown list, select OSIsoft PI Server Tag List:


    set the filter to bring back the tags that you need, in our case we use "sin*":


    Click OK twice, and Spotfire will read the data and create a table visualization:

    Step #2a : Add the Description to the Tag Data

    To do this, we insert the column from the Tag Details table into the Tag Data table using a Left Join. Switch back to the page displaying the Tag Data and click on Insert --> Columns... The Insert Columns Dialog will open. Use the Select dropdown to add columns from the Tag List table:


    Click Next and choose to Match Columns on the "Tag Data" column:


    Click Next and select the "Descriptor" column to add with a "Left outer" join method:


    Click "Finish" to add the new column.  With the default Table Visualization settings, the new column will not automatically be visible.  That is the last step.

    Step #3 : Update the Table Visualization

    Click on the settings for the Table Visualization and go to the Columns page.  Select the Descriptor column and click "Add >" to add it to the Selected Columns list:

    updatetable1.png.fa34d9ac4bc0f192456e4f95d9e6ef7a.png updatetable2.png.0bfe6ee3f074a159e05b4eb224161184.png

    The Descriptor column will now appear in the Table Visualization


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