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  • 2019 TIBCO Analytics Forum - Training



    There were two Training Sessions this year, both using the new Spotfire X:

    • Spotfire Beginner
    • Spotfire Advanced

    Both Training Sessions were designed to cover a 3 hour schedule.


    Spotfire Beginner

    Instructed by: Neil Kanungo, TIBCO Software

    New users were recommended to attend this course to learn the basics of Spotfire X software. Attendees learned how to add data, create dashboards from scratch, and use artificial intelligence to explore information. The session covered details on data wrangling using the new Spotfire Data Canvas, allowing expanded analytics through data merging and data calculation features.

    • Unit 1: Introducing Spotfire and Accessing Data
      • Understanding different Spotfire clients, User Interface overview, adding new data
    • Unit 2: Data Wrangling Introduction
      • Overview of the Spotfire Data Canvas, managing multiple tables, merging data, adding transformations
    • Unit 3: Create and Customize Visualizations
      • Using AI recommendations to kick off your visualizations, creating visualizations from scratch
    • Unit 4: Marking, Filtering, and Saving
      • Connecting chart interactivity, filtering visible data, saving your analysis for sharing and re-use

    To access training materials, please visit this link

    Spotfire Advanced

    Instructed by: Lucas Wood, Petro.ai

    For users that already have experience with Spotfire software, this advanced course begins by reinforcing data wrangling and data structuring methods with the new Spotfire Data Canvas. Attendees learned the mechanics of advanced calculations through custom expressions and R scripting with TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR). The course also covered the basics for control objects, property controls, and IronPython for Spotfire automation and custom application behaviors.

    • Unit 1: Data Wrangling
      • In-depth data wrangling with the Spotfire Data Canvas, including strategies for joining, relating, transforming, and column matching data
    • Unit 2: Advanced Functions
      • Using the advanced functionality of Spotfire Custom Expressions, including powerful functions like OVER and INTERSECT which enable sophisticated calculations in various data structures
    • Unit 3: Control Objects and Automation
      • Customize analytics behavior and design custom apps, including IronPython scripting, Property Controls, and Action Controls
    • Unit 4: Data Functions
      • Introduction to R scripts through Data Functions, and an overview of Data Function mechanics.

    To access training materials please set up a free Exchange.ai account and download content HERE.

     Additional Spotfire Resources

    • TIBCO Answers page is a question and answer forum for TIBCO Products. Spotfire questions can be asked under Analytics or Spotfire tags.

    • Spotfire Enablement Hub is the link to Spotfire X training videos and resources.

    • Dr Spotfire hosts monthly 30-minute Feature Sessions for both new and existing Spotfire users. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get weekly bite-sized Spotfire Tips.

    • TIBCO Community Exchange contains under category "Analytics" reusable components and data functions that can be downloaded and then added to your dxp file

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