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  • What's New in Spotfire® Streaming 11.1 LTS

    Streaming 11.1 introduces new branding, Data Streams for Cloud feature, and significant performance improvements for large applications.

    Spotfire® Streaming 11.1 is out now! It’s our latest long-term supported release. Here’s an overview of what’s new. 



    New Branding: The Streaming product has officially adopted Spotfire branding. This change reflects the focus on powering real-time analytics and automation in Spotfire applications. The user interfaces, documentation, and eDelivery site have all been updated to reflect the new name. Note that prior versions and knowledge base articles will still reflect the TIBCO Streaming brand; for all intents and purposes, these are still referring to the same product. 


    Data Streams for Cloud: In an effort to democratize access to streaming data, Data Streams for Cloud is a new feature that provides a browser-based wizard for self-service connectivity to real-time data sources. This offering can be installed on any Kubernetes distribution across public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Spotfire’s native integration to Data Streams makes enriching their analysis with streaming data a seamless experience. 


    Studio Trace Debugger: To facilitate application debugging, there’s a newly revamped trace debugger utility that allows the user to visually trace how data is flowing through EventFlow code. This makes it much easier to understand how data is interacting with application logic.



    Performance Improvements: There’s a significant amount of work that went into further optimizing the Streaming 11.1 runtime, resulting in meaningful reductions in startup times for large applications. This version was exhaustively tested and benchmarked against some of the largest applications developed on the platform; the extensive testing and optimization work is what drove the decision to designate the release as long-term supported (LTS). 

    Check out the release notes for more details and visit the Streaming eDelivery to download 11.1 today.

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