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  • StreamBase 10 Deployment and Operations



    This course, StreamBase 10 Deployment and Operations is a precursor to Administering Spotfire® Streaming Applications as well as TSB301.  This information is not recommended in the sense that it has been replaced by either of those other courses.

    • This is a set of presentation slide decks and hands-on lab exercises that supports a live instructor-based class. The decks may also be read on their own.
    • This course assumes no prior familiarity with Streaming Analytics, Event Processing, or StreamBase.
    • This material created and tested using an older, now deprecated version of StreamBase 10.2.0; however, it is expected that the topics are applicable
      • When lab files are present, it is expected that these will work in more recent versions of Spotfire® Streaming and will update automatically on import; just agree to that if asked.


    • Knowledge of Computer Programming in some high-level language, such as Python or Java
    • Relational tables (helpful)
    • Elementary statistical functions (optional)
    • High-level predictive modelling concepts (optional)
    • Apache Maven (helpful, but not strictly required)

    Tutorial Outline and Materials 

    Unit Name

    (Download From Resources)

    Hands-On Lab Steps
    (Download From Resources)

    Lab Files
    (Download From Resources)

    Introduction Intro ppt    
    Set The Stage Set the Stage    
    Deploy Deploy    
    Configuration Files Config    
    Adapters Adapters    
    Engine Configuration Files Engine Confs LDM Engine Conf File Lab LV Engine Conf File Lab File
    Node Configuration Files Node Confs    
    Security Configuration Files Security Confs Security Conf / Encrypt Lab LV Security Lab File
    Security Model Security Model    
    Placeholder (Monitoring) Monitor Redirect    
    Continuous Updates Cont. Updates Rolling Upgrade Lab Rolling Upgrade Lab File
    AMS Administration AMS Admin AMS Admin Lab N/A
    Placeholder (Cloud) Cloud Redirect    
    Placeholder (Sizing) Sizing Redirect    
    LiveView Administration LV Admin LV Admin Lab LV Admin Lab File
    LiveView HA Architecture and Considerations LV HA Arch    

    Cont. Updates.pdf

    AMS Admin Lab.pdf


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