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  • Spotfire® Streaming, StreamBase®, LiveView™ and LiveView™ Web Tutorials


    There are a variety of options for learning to use Spotfire® Streaming, which includes both StreamBase and LiveView. If you prefer instructor-led training, there are several official product training offerings.  Ready to start learning and using StreamBase now?  Use the online tutorials and learn at your own pace.

    Product Training

    TIBCO Educational Services offers several Spotfire® Streaming courses.

    These are new courses starting in 2021, and available for live in person or remote delivery, and on demand from TIBCO Academy. These courses take a more integrated approach to Spotfire® Streaming, incorporating both EventFlow (StreamBase) and LiveView applications. They are oriented towards streaming analytics applications such as streaming predictive model scoring and also streaming visualizations, primarily using Spotfire®:

    The following courses are the prior courses but are still available for delivery upon request from TIBCO Education Delivery. The courses are developed from point of view that Spotfire® Streaming is an event stream processing platform that is applied across a wide variety of application profiles. These courses have more technical depth than the streaming analytics courses above, and more fully consider issues of non-functional capabilities such as clustering, scaling, concurrently, transactions, data replication, deployment, and administration, and operations. These courses have versions that cover either Spotfire® Streaming 10.x (which is the version all new users should learn) or Spotfire StreamBase® 7.6/Spotfire® Live Datamart 2.1 for existing customers who have existing applications that use those versions):

    TIBCO Education Product Training for Spotfire®Streaming 10.x (also useful for more advanced Spotfire® Data Streams customization)

    TIBCO Education Product Training for StreamBase 7.x and Live Datamart 2.x

    Online Tutorials

    Spotfire® Streaming Tutorials

    Introduction to Spotfire® Streaming Analytics in Three Hours

    • This course is a short introduction to creating Spotfire® Streaming Analytics applications for Systems of Insight using StreamBase, Live Datamart, and LiveView Web

    Developing EventFlow Applications

    • This course covers StreamBase Studio and EventFlow constructs as well as information on the StreamBase runtime aspects that support data distribution, scale and high availability.
    • This course was developed using Spotfire® Streaming 10.5.0.

    Administering Streaming Applications

    • This course covers the deployment and administration of Spotfire® Streaming applications.  It does not assume an familiarity with EventFlow or StreamBase Studio; however it does highlight the constructs that support data distribution, scale and high availability within EventFlow and then allows an administrator to deploy an application in a fault tolerant way.
    • This course was developed using Spotfire® Streaming 10.5.0.

    Streaming Analytics using StreamBase 10.x

    • This course is a longer introduction to creating Spotfire® Streaming Analytics applications for Systems of Insight using StreamBase, TERR, Live Datamart, and LiveView Web
    • This material covers StreamBase 10.2.0, Live Datamart 10.2.0 and LiveView Web 1.3.1.

    StreamBase EventFlow Tutorial videos and exercises

    • Hayden Schultz, Event Processing global architect, presents comprehensive instruction and discussion on building EventFlow applications in StreamBase
    • These videos describe StreamBase 7 but the EventFlow concepts are the same in StreamBase 10 (even though the StreamBase Studio project organization and commands have changed)
    • These tutorials provide partial preparation for the Certified StreamBase Developer assessments

    StreamBase 10.2 Application Development For StreamBase 7 Developers

    • If you already know how to develop EventFlow applications using StreamBase 7, these materials summarize the differences between StreamBase 7.7 and StreamBase 10.2 as well as the new features and paradigms introduced by StreamBase 10
    • At the moment, this course could also be a follow-on to the Streaming Analytics using StreamBase 10.x tutorial above. The only significant overlap is in the overview unit and the FirstApp presentation and its labs.
    • These materials include 15 presentations and 8 step-by-step hands-on labs covering the significant new concepts and features of StreamBase 10: clustering, high availability, data partitioning and replication, application packaging and deployment, Docker image generation and cloud deployment, transactions and transactional memory, distributed routing, decision tables and artifact management, configuration, and some command line administration

    Statistical Computing and StreamBase Event Processing Tutorials

    • These tutorial videos demonstrate the power of the StreamBase Event Processing platform and its support for complex mathematical computations via a high performance low latency event server, 150+ pre-built connectivity points, and an Eclipse-based rapid application development environment.

    Complex Event Processing: DSL for High Frequency Trading

    • Not actually a tutorial and not actually all that much about High Frequency Trading
    • This QCon London 2011 talk by Richard Tibbetts, a StreamBase founder, is about how the EventFlow language, a DSL for event processing, enables a very high-performance runtime engine.
    • It's also one of the rare public descriptions of some of the internals of the StreamBase runtime

    Architecting StreamBase 7 Applications

    • This is a set of presentation slide decks that supports a live instructor-based class. The decks may also be read on their own.
    • While the StreamBase EventFlow Tutorials explain how to develop EventFlow applications, the focus of this set of materials is to describe how to recognize and address event processing scenarios, how to structure an application solution to satisfy event processing requirements, what the structure of the StreamBase product family is, and how to apply the features of StreamBase to construct robust, scalable, operational, and maintainable StreamBase application systems.

    From Spotfire® Product Support

    How To Chart StreamBase Profile Logs To Understand Performance Issues for StreamBase 7 and 10


    How to Score TensorFlow models in Spotfire® Streaming



    Spotfire® Live Datamart and LiveView™ Tutorials

    Overviews And Introductions

    Explore the Magic of TIBCO Live Datamart (By Grumo Media)


    Introducing TIBCO Live Datamart for Fast Data


    Live Datamart: Jump-Start with Wikipedia Monitoring


    Live Datamart: From Blank To Running


    Detailed Live Datamart and LiveView Web Application Development Tutorials

    LiveView JavaScript Client API Tutorials and How-Tos

    Live Datamart: Build Your Own Interface with JavaScript APIs

    Spotfire® Live Datamart JavaScript Dashboard Sample - a Best Practices Guide


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