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  • Reuters Error- Reuters output threshold breached


    Reuters Error: Reuters output threshold breached


    The error "Reuters output threshold breached" indicates that the subscribing client (the downstream SB application) is not consuming data fast enough.

    When the adapter has queued too much data and slowed requests for new data the Reuters server sends this warning. If the application doesn't catch up quickly, then the Reuters Server cuts the connection to adapter.

    Reuters suggests subscribing to fewer symbols, or examine the SB app or the machine it's running on to determine why it's not keeping up with the Reuters Volume.

    Frequently the limitation is due to subscribing to too many symbols for a single adapter instance to process, and this can be resolved by splitting subscriptions between two or more adapters. To fully isolate each Reuters adapter so multiple CPUs are used, configure each to use a different RFA Session and make each adapter concurrent (running in a single separate thread).

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