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  • Quick start: Installing Spotfire® Data Streams on Windows

    Install Spotfire® Data Streams

    Install Spotfire® Data Streams (you may use Spotfire® Streaming instead).

    Assuming we're just getting started with Spotfire® Data Streams, it's very likely that at least initially we'll be installing on the Windows platform, so that we can use it to developing streaming applications to be used in conjunction with Spotfire® Analyst or Desktop.

    We strongly recommend that new Spotfire® Data Streams users start with version 10.4.3 or higher, so that the Connectivity Wizard is available.

    Here are the instructions for a basic installation of Spotfire® Data Stream on the Microsoft Windows platform, accepting all the defaults:

    • Launch the Spotfire® Data Streams installer by running the .msi installer file that you downloaded from the TIBCO distribution site (usually https://edelivery.tibco.com).
    • The installer is named with the following pattern: TIB_sfds_m.n.p_win_x86_64.msi or  TIB_str_m.n.p_win_x86_64.msi
      • where m.n.p indicate the major, minor, and maintenance release numbers.
    • Follow the instructions on screen to accept the license agreement.
    • Accept the default installation location or browse to a different location. However, NEVER try to overwrite an existing previous Streaming or Data Streams installation.
    • Click Install to begin the installation process.
    • On the installer's final screen, select the check box to open the post-installation README in your Web browser to see important information. The README describes the entries installed in the Windows Start menu for this release.
    • Click the Finish button.

    If you have a more complicated installation situation or want to install on Linux or install on MacOS rather than Windows, please refer to the Installation Guide in the published Spotfire® Data Streams product documentation set.

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