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  • How To Export an EventFlow Fragment Project from StreamBase Studio

    To export an EventFlow Fragment Project from StreamBase Studio:

    • Select the name of the project you want to export in the Package Explorer view
    • Right-click and select Export... from the context menu
    • In the Export dialog's Select screen, select Archive File and press the Next button
    • In StreamBase Studio 10+ (or any Maven project), in the Export dialog's Archive screen, expand the project you want to export and un-check the target folder if present
      • Alternatively, you could Maven Clean the project before starting to export it
    • In the To archive file: combo box, enter the full path name of the archive file you want to export to by either typing in the text box, selecting from the dropdown, or using Browse . . . .
    •  Press the Finish button

    The reason to exclude the target folder is that the generated zip files in this folder are not source code but are generated by building the project, and the folder contents are generally rather large and don't provide any additional artifacts that can't be easily re-generated by the recipient of the project zip file. There may occasionally be reasons to leave the target folder in the export.

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