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  • Announcing Spotfire® Streaming 11.0

    Spotfire® Streaming Version 11 is out!

    Easy, enterprise and immediate, Streaming 11.0, now with Dynamic Learning, enables insights instantly. Spotfire® Streaming is a leader in the 2021 Forrester Streaming Analytics Wave, and with the release of Version 11, the platform has been augmented with significant new capabilities.

    Dynamic Learning. Streaming 11.0  analyzes streaming data to both automate and augment analytics by applying learning algorithms to live streaming data in real time. This built in dynamic learning approach to machine learning reflects real-time analysis and predictions directly on event streams by way of embedded data science and machine learning models, allowing models to learn from the most recent evidence - making learning adaptive, data agile, predictions contextualized, and decisions and actions automated.

    Adaptive analytics, learning, and AI from streaming data. Real-time intelligent applications supported by Spotfire® Streaming Version 11 can now be situationally aware, and adapt to changes and changing relationships in the data. Spotfire® Streaming previously provided flexible tools to score Machine Learning (ML) and AI models in real time. Version 11 adds new capabilities for streaming analytics, AI, and Machine Learning that is directly applied to real-time data.

    Improved Adapter support for specialized data formats. In addition to improvements to data connectivity across the product, Streaming V11 now also provides effective support for specific formats and protocols critical for the Telecommunications industry (e.g., RTPP, Diameter).

    New connectors: Real-Time Payment Protocol (RTPP), Diameter.

    Improvements to performance. Spotfire® Streaming is a mature environment to create intelligent and robust large streaming applications. Spotfire® Streaming V11 has benefitted from the continuous feedback of customers world wide. Based on the real-world feedback from various industries and based on diverse applications, the performance and robustness of Streaming 11 has been improved further, also greatly benefiting the performance of industry-specific accelerators using that technology.

    Visit the Streaming eDelivery to download 11.0 today.

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