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  • TIBCO® Statistica® Academic Customer Orientation

    Table of Contents


    1. Gain Access




            Fulfillment & Access

                    Product Updates

         Community Access

    2. Enablement Hub

    This self-paced video enablement series pulls together a variety of resources to help you gain skills & experience quickly.




              Use Cases & Demos

    4. Get Help with Additional Resources





    Technical Support

    Get ?s Answered

    Consulting Services


    5. Summary & Next Steps

    The purpose of this page has been to orient new customers of TIBCO's analytics products towards the extensive resources available to you. From gaining access to starting usage, to a plethora of help sources, TIBCO supplies not only the analytics technologies needed for your digital business initiatives to succeed but also the experience and resources to simplify the journey.

    There's a tremendous amount of material on this page to come back to reference often, but if we had to narrow things down to just our Top recommended next steps out of the gate: 

    1. Setup your Support Portal: the clean and simple interface provides a surprising multitude of options: subscription to support notifications, federated search across Community, Knowledgebase articles, documentation, support tickets, and more.

    2. Register for Dr. Data Science: Staffed by experts from our Data Science and Customer Success teams, anyone can attend Dr. Data Science's office hours? new user questions, as well as advanced Data Science topics, are addressed. (It's easy to ask questions in advance by posting to Community Q&A with hashtag #DrDataScience.)

    3. Read & Ask Questions: Join the community of Data Science users, to read, respond & post your own "how-to" questions using Community Q&A.

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