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  • TIBCO Statistica® Visualization Designer

    Statistica contains several examples for Visualization Designer.

    1. On the Home tab, in the File group, click the Open down arrow.
    2. From the menu, select Open Examples to display the Open a Statistica Data File dialog box.
    3. Double click the Dashboards folder to open it, and double-click any files to open a interactive visualization.

    To create a new interactive visualization:

    1. In the File Menu, select Open Examples. The Open a Statistica Data File dialog box displays.
    2. Open the Datasets folder. Click the Open button. For this example, select the Marketing spreadsheet.  
    3. On the Home tab, in the File group, click the New down arrow.

    4. Since a data file is already open, the Edit view is populated with the variables when it opens.edit_view_of_dashboard.thumb.png.e5e10fe465689c1c3da7f8f628cbfa53.png
    5. With your mouse select a rectangle in the canvas to create a visualization
    6. A dialog box is displayed that contains the following sections:
      1. Visualizations 
      2. Timeseries Visualizations 
      3. Legends & Filters 
      4. Layout
      5. General

    7. When you select a Visualization, a skeleton image of the Visualization will display on the canvas. Each Visualization has different options that display at the top. 

      EXAMPLES: Columns, Rows, Color, X, Y, and Size.  


    8. Drag columns (variables) from the Data Table (the left panel) to those options to define the hierarchical breakdown and visualization dimensions.



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