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    The information below will help you to start charting your Data Science - Statistica journey with TIBCO: gaining access to your system, understanding how to stay aware of updates, etc.  


    Fulfillment & Access


    Product Updates


    Community Access

    Fulfillment & Access:



    Edelivery: All TIBCO Data Science - Statistica products can be found on eDelivery. Use the "search products or keywords" in the top-right corner to search for the products you have purchased.


    Deployment : Installation information.


    Before You Install:  Provides an overview of what's new. Also reference the TIBCO® Data Science - Statistica Getting Started primer, and a glimpse of terminology used within TIBCO Data Science - Statistica.. Sometimes it's helpful to take a moment to have a peek at the  Overview of Analytic solutions.


    Foreshadowing (Optional to checkout at this stage): if you'd like, here's where you take a peek at Quick data preparation template for TIBCO Data Science - Statistica, as well as how later you'll be able to make use of Model Building Template.


    TIBCO documentation site: TIBCO documentation site is a great place to learn and understand your products with detailed documentation.

    Product Updates:



    Product updates: You can keep up to date with different information about TIBCO products by subscribing to it through your support.tibco.com >>Your name>> Product Interest and Knowledge Base subscriptions


    Product release strategy: Release notes of the overview, new features, changes in TIBCO Data Science - Statistica.


    Idea Portal: Share enhancement ideas via Ideas Portal.

    Community Access & Layout:


    Our community helps you ask and answer TIBCO product questions with responses from other knowledgeable community members and even experts at TIBCO. It's fast and easy to signup for TIBCO Community accounts.

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