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  • Spotfire Statistica® For Data Scientists

    The modern practice of Data Science has evolving from the traditional aspects of statistics and extending into the line of business (LOB) users and business analysts.

    There are two kind of data scientists: Trained Data Scientist and Citizen Data Scientist. Tibco Statistics can empower both type of data scientists to make better decisions for their businesses.  




    Trained Data Scientist

      Citizen Data Scientist

    Trained Data Scientists can programmatically collect and clean data, develop advanced analytics models and algorithms, then make them available to the LOB managers and users to run those analyses. 

    For data scientists who are new to Statistica, please check out the getting started guide.

    Citizen Data Scientists are users who have business domain knowledge and understand data analysis without formal statistics training. Citizen data scientists often participate one or more aspects of data science by using modern tools without programming or SQL knowledge.

    Data Access and Data Wrangling with Spotfire Statistica®
    Analytics with Spotfire Statistica®
    Operationalizing Analytics with Spotfire Statistica®
    Visualizations with Spotfire Statistica®

    The intuitive user interface of Statistica enables citizen data scientists to participate, validate and modify analytical workflow created by trained data scientists, including:

    • Bringing in Data
    • Cleaning Data
    • Analyzing Data
    • Modeling Data
    • Visualizing Data
    • Publishing Data

    For example, citizen data scientists can log in Statistica server via a browser, search for analysis and execute it via a web player. 

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