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  • Collaborate on Data Science Projects in Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio


    Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio is a powerful big data platform. A Data Science Project Manager can leverage Team Studio to collaborate on advanced analytics projects across multi-functional teams in an intuitive web interface without coding. 

    To try it out, log in Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio web interface from your browser using the credentials that your administrator provided to you.

    Before getting started on your first project inside Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio, watch this introduction and our Getting Started guide. 

    Workspaces are the virtual areas where you collaborate with your team to manage data sources, connections and workflows. 

    • You can create your own workspace and add others as a team member.
    • Your workspace keeps you current on what's going on, links to relevant datasets, and stores various work files your project depends on.
    • You can create user-friendly interface (Touchpoint) for business users on the top of predictive models or workflows. 
    • You can add tags to categorize information in Team Studio. 
    • You can add note to any objects inside Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio, it is very helpful tool to provide extra information for the workflows or subworkflow.

    For more details, please refer to Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio documentation and our Training and Enablement playlist.


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